ad rem

Jeannie the clumsy-introverted-jester/trickster.

I am 18.etc. years young.

This blog will continue on until the forever that is this section of my life ends.

I am now a linguistics major.

And I plan on learning Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Hence, East Asian culture is fascinating.

And at the moment, I’ve decided that post-graduation, or post-graduate graduation, I am going to become a teacher in Korea or Japan.

Ugh..umm..I like stuffed animals.

And super manga-not-anime geek.

That said, the current picture is from Strobe Edge.

I listen to mostly Asian music, but also contemporary stuff among others.

Choco-mint-chip. Green tea.

I like lots of different things. I will list some of them if someone requests for me to do so. REQUESTS.

Errggghhh…this blog will be mostly rambling about college, life, and whatever shiznit just so happens that requires blogging about. It’s a public journal, because I do indeed have a private journal.


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